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At ArmorLogix we offer outdoor weatherproof, lockable enclosures constructed from 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum in both NEMA3 and NEMA4. Our tough enclosures have applications for Railroad, Airport, Solar, Marina, HoA, Parks & Wildlife, Government, Commercial / Industrial, Construction and more. Applications are limited only by your imagination. 

In addition to the standard sizes, which fit most applications, ArmorLogix offers custom sizing. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to find out when new weatherproof enclosure sizes or styles are released.

Specialized Applications

Here are just a few examples of Armorlogix products used in specialized applications.

Marina Applications Railroad Applications Refinery Applications Solar Applications

Installation Instructions

Below are downloadable instructions to showing how to install universal mounting brackets, adjustable equipment mounting plate and more.

What's Included With ArmorLogix Enclosures?

All outdoor weatherproof enclosures come standard with a lock, sun shield and adjustable equipment mounting plate as well as two (2) Universal Mounting Brackets for mounting to a wall or other flat surface. Our specialized wall bracket design allows for optimal air flow. Pole brackets are also available.

Temperature Controlled Enclosures

NEMA3 enclosures offer three vent areas, two on the side and one on the door for natural ventilation. For increased temperature control install an adjustable thermostat and case fan to the door.

NEMA4 weatherproof enclosures must use an attached air conditioner.

For Questions, Pricing & More Information

Our Representatives are experts in designing your personalized project layout and are available via email or phone Monday thru Friday from 8:30am to 5pm EST.